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J.C. Compton was started as a partnership in 1963 by John Compton with his uncle, J.C. Compton. Unfortunately, J.C. Compton passed away early in 1963 and John Compton was left to run the business on his own until the end of the year. On January 1, 1964, John Compton formed J. C. Compton Company. The company operated under this ownership structure until October, 1984.   Michael D. Flanigan joined J.C. Compton in 1968 after graduating from Oregon State University and was John Compton’s lead operations manager through the same period.

In 1985, John and Michael formed J. C. Compton Contractor, Inc.. Michael eventually bought John out in 2001 and continued to operate the company as sole owner until 2004. In October, 2004, the majority of the construction equipment assets were sold to his son, Michael J. Flanigan, and Oregon Mainline Paving, LLC was formed. The company operated in this organizational structure through 2012.

On January 1, 2013, the company was again sold to a new partnership group consisting of Matt Seehawer (OMP General Manager from 2005 thru 2012) and Baker Rock Resources and continues to operate under this structure today.

Oregon Mainline Paving, LLC is extremely proud of its construction heritage and long standing legacy in the Oregon highway construction industry.