Computer and GPS technologies are now a necessity in the construction industry. At Oregon Mainline Paving we use a suite of premier software and hardware technologies to simplify the bidding process, better manage our projects and monitor our safety program. We are able to generate pre-bid digital terrain models, onsite reports and operate a virtual paperless work flow that keep our projects on track and moving forward every day.

Project management software used from bid to completion.
An all-in-one solution for project estimating, collaboration and communications.
An online accounting solution for travel, expense and invoice management.
Inventory management for multiple work sites.
Independently-owned network and information system provider.
Developer of sensor technology for pavement technologies.
Provider of innovative solutions and services for the capture, modeling and visualization of 3D spatial information.
A world leader in the manufacturing of testing/quality control measurement equipment for the construction industry.
Manufacturer of optical equipment for ophthalmology and surveying.
The end-to-end digital workflow and collaboration solution trusted by over 1 million AEC professionals worldwide.